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ESU Colonial NC Branch Queen’s Birthday and Annual Meeting

The ESU Colonial NC Branch Queen's Birthday and Annual Meeting, held on June 12th at the New Bern Golf & Country Club was a grand affair attended by 60 members and guests.  Following her welcome remarks, President Elinor Kelly recognized special guests, Dr. Julia Van de Water, Chair of the Regional Representatives of the ESU leadership in New York, and the Region 1V representative Darlene Brown, the Executive Director of Craven County Partners in Education (PIE), the fundraising organization that raises money for the Craven County School System, April King, Executive Director of the Craven Literacy Council and Charles Wethington, Director of the Community College Foundation.

The two families of the 2020 and 2021 recipients of the ESU English Second Language Merit Award, Ruay Htoo -2020, Spencer Ha were recognized. They were chosen by the teachers of the ESL program through the Craven County School System and the Branch contribution is given to PIE for this program. In addition to an annual contribution of $1,000 to PIE, each ESL student recipient receive $100 and a certificate of achievement.

Bob Husson, Chair of the Shakespeare committee, related the challenge of doing the competition virtually and other plans he has to enhance the competition in the coming year.

Susan Moffat-Thomas, Board Vice President and Chair of Program and Publicity Programs, provided an overview of the organization, her work as the program chair, to expand the diversity of programs offered and her appreciation the board chose to support her recommendation to expand the Branch's visibly and community outreach by making annual contributions to the three organizations that offer ESL programs. She extended thanks to Carolyn Peterson who will take on the responsibility of being in charge of publicity and programs for the coming year. She then called Charles Wethington, the Director of the Craven Community College Foundation and presented him with a check for $2,000 to be used for the College English Second Language program.

Lee Purcell, Membership and the Nominating Committee chair presented the proposed slate of officers and directors for the coming year. With no nominations from the floor, the members approved the slate presented and the yeas were unanimous.

Elinor recognized Susan Moffat-Thomas for her work on the board programs, publicity, updating the website, keeping it current etc. and presented her with a certificate of appreciation for her stellar work.

She then called the new slate of officers and board members to the front to be installed. Each person swore to perform their duties to the best of their ability, as defined in the Colonial NC Branch bylaws, whose duties begin effective July 1,

In tribute to Queen Elizabeth II, everyone raised their glass of champagne and toasted the Queen with wishes for a happy birthday and pieces of cake were served.

As a final note, the three judges announced the winners of the hat contest and the meeting was adjourned at 4pm.

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