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ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE for a teen from Arlington High School.

Captivating audiences with a performance of a sonnet and monologue from Shakespeare, Matthew Nelson, winner of the 21st Annual Russel and Joy Wiener Shakespeare Competition, placed as a semi-finalist at the 30th season of the English-Speaking Union National Shakespeare Competition.  Matthew, a student of John Maness & Sarah Lyn Archibald at Arlington High School in Arlington, TN, achieved the recognition at the competition held on April 22nd at Lincoln Center Theater in New York.  The Memphis Branch congratulates Matthew and acknowledges with appreciation the efforts of the Tennessee Shakespeare Company, Dan McCleary, its director, Carla and Keith Loveless and Wilma Rutland for serving as judges and coordinators, respectively, of the Memphis Branch regional competition.

The next meeting of the Memphis Branch will be held on June 8th.  The program will feature one of the principal speakers from this year's Delta Seminar. The multi-talented Beatrice Chauvin will present a program that will both inform and delight us.  Notices will be mailed shortly. 


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