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Bill Kennedy, President of ESU Cleveland, reported on the ESU National Conference in New Orleans in November.

We're a network of Branches. It was a pleasure to meet so many members from across the country who were interested in Cleveland and especially our Regional partners and strengthen good relations that our past officers had made. 

Administratively, the Branches sought and were promised more collaboration in National board decisions. ESU is a large organization with many activities. 


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All-City Shakespeare Festival is fundraising fun

Summer/Winter Shakespeare. ESU-Cleveland's goal is to sustain interest in performing Shakespeare throughout the year as a stimulating way to develop literacy. The summer Festival complements the winter Shakespeare Competition. Between those events there are workshops for students and teachers.

The Festival presented "Romeo & Juliet" as theater-in-the-round at Acacia Reservation. Actors performed in front of, within and behind the audience keeping the audience stimulated.


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Digital Actors on Shakespeare’s Stage


"Digital actors" - people, animals, monsters - are common in Hollywood movies. Now they are on stage at the Royal Shakespeare Company. In "The Tempest", human actors are on stage when a huge digital tidal wave crashes across stage, sinking a ship. It looks and sounds like the real thing. Then Ariel, a digital sprite, appears and manipulates the storyline while changing size and appearance from time to time.

Thus the traditional performance of Shakespeare is changing with technology - virtual reality, augmented reality, digital effects, 360 degree environments, 3-D, holography and interactivity.


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Members in video promote Shakespeare workshops in schools

Theater workshops at all levels of school are supplied by the Great Lakes Theater's Department of Educational Services. Four Shakespearean programs are offered in high schools.

Three of our Branch members were featured explaining the deep learning that the workshops provide.


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The English-Speaking Union

Cleveland Branch

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Welcome to the ESU

The ESU celebrates English as a shared language to foster global understanding and good will by providing educational and cultural opportunities for students, educators, and members.

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