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Stagecraft has vastly improved since Shakespeare's plays, 400 years ago. What tools might he and his students use today? 

A handout at the Shakespeare Competition, authored by Paul Rampe, offered many options including:

  • Actors who might appear as animals, avatars, holograms, cyborgs and more
  • Scripts co-written by artificial intelligence
  • Stage lighting, lasers and projections 
  • Surround sound from electronic instruments 
  • Drones as performers and cameras
  • 3-D printed props 
  • Cameras with many lenses 
  • Electronic costumes, not fabric 
  • Special effects of many types 
  • Facial recognition data from live audiences 
  • Streaming to widespread audiences 
  • 360 degree views  

Imagine stagecraft 400 years from now! Interplanetary and so much more. Shakespeare and his friends would love it! 


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