The English-Speaking Union


The English-Speaking Union National Shakespeare Competition

The English-Speaking Union National Shakespeare Competition

The 2024 ESU Nationals Shakespeare Competition Semi-finals will be held LIVE in New York City!

We ask that you please adhere to these deadlines as that will help us to facilitate the safe travel of all our branch champions. 

Branch competitions must conclude before March 10. Branch Winner Forms are due by March 10

The Winner Packet, which includes a branch winner's travel information and waiver, photo release and other competition information is due by March 17.

National will send this form directly to your branch champion when we receive your Branch Winner Form. 

Winner Packet will include a video submission for participation in the People's Choice Award.

Finals will be held live in New York City in late April, 2024. Location will be announced in winter 2024. 

As ALL Branch Champions will be travelling to New York City, the Branch Participation Fee returns to the usual $600.


Click Here for the 2024 Branch Handbook 

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Branch Winner Form

Click here for the 2024 Branch Winner Form!