News And Events

News And Events

Peter Phillips Leaving the ESU Board

I am both sad and happy to write this. Peter has found receptions site venues for the last three years. He has been diligent in advising Alison and Steve with as much notice as he had available where to bring food and drink each month. As a board member he will be sorely missed. As a friend, to next to and laugh with, I am devastated!

However, I am happy for him and his future activities. In addition to continuing in real estate, he is also beginning to plan some fun trips. Peter writes:

In April I am joined by a dozen family and friends joining to visit two of my favorite Jamaican properties I used to oversee so long ago. Few night at Strawberry Hill high up in the blue coffee country above Kingston. Then, venturing off to the famed ocean side of James Bond creator Ian Fleming's Golden Eye. Both these properties are beyond extraordinary having been owned and carefully orchestrated by my old boss, Chris Blackwell, of Bob Marley and Island Music fame. 

Take a moment to google both these properties and you will get a glimpse of their breathtaking locations and unsurpassed uniqueness. There is always a room for more to join. Just let me know!!

May finds me joining my dear friends from Bend, Oregon off to Spain Portugal and Morocco. There are still spots available. Wish to consider? 

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Volunteers Needed for Upcoming Branch Functions...

But first, let me thank Marlene Holbrook for volunteering to serve as our branch historian. The spot has been vacant for some time. After Marlene has time to go through the boxes of files Patricia Haggerty has kindly stored, we will hear more. Just maybe with the upcoming Centennial we might pull together some of the historic events for our branch at one of our events. Many thanks to Marlene. 

RECEPTION SITE COORDINATOR:  With the heavy travel responsibilities for Peter Phillips, he is unable to continue finding places for our monthly receptions. This might be a good opportunity to pair with another member to share the responsibility. 

SUMMER PARTY CHAIRPERSON: August is an open month with a good chance of sunny weather. We usually go to someone's home for the event, bringing our own bar and arranging with a caterer, BUT, if you have another good idea for our group, talk it over with our President, Alan Waggoner. 

Whether you are currently serving on the Seattle Board, are a longtime member of our branch, or a new member wanting to become more involved, we are asking you to volunteer. Talk about the jobs with our President, Alan, or seek him out at any reception. He will welcome your interest!

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Shakespeare Committee Report

The Seattle Shakespeare Committee is hard at work gearing up for our annual competition for area high schools. Our competition this year will be held at the Frye Museum on First Hill in Seattle. It will be held on Sunday, March 1, 2020, at 1 PM. This event is always a  fun and interesting day. Remember it is FREE and the museum is free also. You can partake in both all in one day. 

We really would love to see you at the competition and guess who will be the winner. 

-Susan Wilson, Chairperson

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Christmas Holiday Party

Click here to download form. 

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Reserve NOW for the Summer Garden Party

This year's Summer Garden Party will be a very special event.

We will gather at Lakewold Gardens on Saturday, August 3rd at 2:30pm (Note new time), to meet and "kick tyres" with our special guests members of the Rolls-Royce Owner's Club. Their PMCs (Proper Motor Cars) will be on display in the motor court in front of the Georgian style historic Wagner House at the gardens. Have your photo taken ( with your favorite Rolls-Royce, if you can pick a favorite! We will also be joined by members of the board of directors of Lakewold Gardens.

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Wednesday, May 15 Speaker Event

Our Seattle ESU branch often invites other groups including Phi Beta Kappa Alumni to our special events. This month our members are invited to a most interesting talk and luncheon. You will enjoy learning about the role of journalism in East African countries. We thank Phi Beta Kappa Alumni for including our members!
Spring Luncheon with Speaker: Ruth Moon, Ph.D.: "Stories from the Field: Understanding Journalism Work in Rwanda." Wednesday, May 15, at 11:45am, Seattle Yacht Club, 1807 E. Hamlin Street, Seattle. Ruth Moon has a Ph.D. in communications from the University of Washington. She studies journalists and the ways they incorporate competing pressures and values into their work, especially in authoritarian contexts where technological infrastructure is weak.

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AGM Speaker Fred Kleinschmidt

Our AGM Speaker this year is Fred Kleinschmidt who will offer us a "Look at ESU International Branches".
Not only will you meet our branch's new officers and scholarship winners but you will have an opportunity to learn about our many International ESU branches. Fred Kleinschmidt, our past branch president, regional officer, auction coordinator, sometime bartender, and just about every other volunteer position, is a knowledgeable source of information and an all-around great speaker!

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E-SU Annual Summer Party

Saturday, August 3
SAVE THE DATE for the Gala Annual Summer Party at beautiful LAKEWOLD GARDENS, a 10-acre estate garden at 12317 Gravelly Lake Drive SW, in Lakewood, WA. We are collaborating this year with friends from the Rolls Royce Club and their cars. Self-guided Garden strolling and tours; lavish and luscious hot and cold buffet; Rolls Royces on view; the traditional Summer Party Hat Contest (with several categories of competition); Silent Auction of tempting consumables and experiences; and ample parking! Early reservations are recommended. Details and Reservation forms are coming in May's Newsletter.

Hiring a bus from Seattle area to Lakewold and back is being investigated, for those who don't want to drive. We will need more than a handful of riders to do this, so if you are interested, please contact Mary Mohler, (425) 488-6258 (leave a message on machine after 6 rings) or ASAP !!

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Saturday, January 11, 2020

Special "Start the New Year Right" Luncheon to be held at Eli Kirkpatrick's home, 1-3pm. Susie will be serving her usual quiches, champagne, muffins and fresh fruit as well as baked ham. DON'T MISS THIS ONE! Bloody Marys can be ordered, too!

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2019 Shakespeare Contest Winners

Andreas Bassett (with lovely fiancee Amelia), Sarah Moore, and Lauren Griffith, the 2019-20 winners of the ESU's UW English Department Graduate Recruitment Scholarships, all came to the March reception. They spoke about their teaching, research, and how their first year is going. One of them is looking at certain aspects of ecology by studying medieval manuscripts. And at least one of them is doing Shakespeare. ESU members had a great time conversing with them. And now, we need underwriting so that they and English Graduate Studies Professor, Juliet Shields, may attend the May 11th Annual Meeting and lunch at the Seattle Yacht Club. Lunch is $45, so three people contributing a modest $15 can fund an attendee. Please let me know if you can fund part of all of a lunch for this worthy group. Our winners are wonderful future teachers!

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