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Thanks to the involvement, work, and financial support of members and friends, we are proud to be a part of the Charleston ESU which has actively provided scholarships to deserving educators and students for more than 80 years. 

The ESU was founded in 1918 in England and organized in the USA in 1920.  Our Charleston branch was established in the early 1930's and continues to actively support educational goals as well as cultural and social activities.  We fund our scholarships with income from membership dues, patron  donations, benefactor donations, special donations to  The John Winthrop Scholarship Fund,  and profit from regular meetings and special events. 

Please go online to for much more information about the ESU and the many  educational  programs  which  benefit  from  the generosity of ESU members. 

We would like to increase community awareness as well as membership in the Charleston ESU.  Please invite friends to our functions and please remember to renew your membership each June by sending your dues  and information online or by contacting  any  ESU  board member.  

We invite all interested in becoming involved to contact one of us.

Thanks for your continuing support and please remember that many of your friends may not be familiar with the ESU or our educational goals, and that we enjoy  welcoming  guests  as well as members at all functions!  Please note that online RSVP invitations are sent to our list of members and friends for each event.  Please advise if you have friends who would like to be included.

With best personal regards,

Lawrence Hollingsworth

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