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Dear ESU Members And Friends,

I trust that many of you receiving this letter were also able to attend our marvelously entertaining and culturally-enriching June 19th celebration of the Queen's 96th birthday that also celebrated her 70th year holding the Crown. Our terrific event was also greatly enhanced by the participation of Dr. Quinn Peeper, National Board Chairman of ESU, who visited with us from New Orleans; and Karen Karpwoich, Executive Director of ESU National.

Now let us turn our attention to the fall. Please reserve on your social calendars the following three dates:

On September 7th, ESU Boston will be hosting Professor Paul Kennedy for the ESU National Happy Hour Series. New York will be sending a flyer and further information on this free virtual event, based on information that has recently been sent. This event only requires registration. Professor Paul Kennedy is a world-class historian and authority on World War II and has written a number of national best-sellers, and ESU Boston is privileged to host him, as he discusses his latest book, Victory At Sea.

On September 27th (please see the attached flyer) ESU Boston has organized on a collaborative basis with the Union Club of Boston what promises to be a splendid evening of conversation, food, and intellectual stimulation, featuring Luke Nichter, author of The Last Brahmin. We will be gathering, beginning at 6:00 P.M at the Union Club, 8 Park St. Boston. Because of the unique protocols of the Union Club, all registrations will be made by your noble President, who is also a member of the Union Club. Thus, it is essential that all who plan to attend must be prepaid, preferably 7, no later than 3 days, prior to September 27th. The attached flyer has the registration details.

On November 22nd, at a time and venue to be determined, Professor Paul Kennedy will be making a rare live appearance to discuss his book, Victory At Sea. A flyer will be sent discussing in greater detail Professor Kennedy's appearance in November.

I eagerly look forward to greeting you at the above events, and, by the way, of no small consequence, ESU Boston will again be hosting its annual must-attend celebratory Holiday Party at the Chilton Club, also at a date to be determined.

Best Wishes To All,

Paul T Boghosian, President, English-Speaking Union Of Boston

Flyer for Union Club event

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