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Wednesday, October 11, 2023 at 5 PM (ET) 

What I Know About Shakespeare and Why it Matters with Jeff Watkins

Sponsored by the ESU Atlanta Branch

Jeff Watkins, the founding Artistic Director of the Atlanta Shakespeare Company (ASC) at the Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse, will investigate the idea that Shakespeare changed his life, and the life of the Atlanta Shakespeare Co. ASC developed an understanding of what Shakespeare's original practices were and how they could revolutionize our production and performance of his works. 

In simpler terms, Jeff will ask and answer the question of how his approach to rehearsing and performing Shakespeare has changed over the last 25 years. This Happy Hour is sponsored by the ESU Atlanta Branch. All ESU Happy Hour programs are online, free, and open to all members and Friends of ESU. Please click here to register:

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Jeff Watkins was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. He studied theater with Paul Baker at Trinity University where he received his degree in theater and mass communications in 1978. After training and working throughout the United States and Europe, Jeff brought his Elizabethan expertise to Georgia. Since 1984, he has been the Artistic Director of the Atlanta Shakespeare Company. Jeff adds, "No one knows precisely what was in Shakespeare's heart or mind as he wrote. But I can assure you this amazing company of actors gets to the heart of what Shakespeare originally intended. My role as director is less about creating a vision to be executed than it is creating the atmosphere and crafting the process necessary for the company to succeed in our quest, specifically, the communion of actors and audience through poetry."

Peach Brandy Cocktail

  • One tall glass filled with crushed ice
  • Add 2 oz of Peach Brandy
  • Add 3 oz of orange juice
  • Fill with club soda
  • Garnish with an orange slice

Enjoy our Shakespeare presentation while sipping on this cool refreshing cocktail!