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Student of the Month

Alison Richard from Union Pines High School

English Speaking Union Student of the Month Program 

The ESU Student of the Month program is designed to honor two people.  First, the student with high academic achievement, with qualities of fine leadership and integrity as well as good citizenship.  Typically she/he demonstrates exemplary character through compassion towards others, optimism, along with trustworthiness and responsibility in creating a positive environment in and outside their classroom.

Secondly, ESU also delights in honoring the student's pick for the teacher who most influenced and supported them.  This provides the  student with a chance to honor their teacher and talk about the traits and actions of their teacher that have made all the difference in their road to excellence.

This brief element in our meetings shines a light on the upcoming generation of dedicated students and also on the professionals who are actively building great thinkers and learners.

ESU Sandhills Congratulates Our Past Students of the Month

2014 - 2015 Season

Pincrest High School
Casey Goggin - Harvard
Sam Kruger - Yale

Union Pines High School
Bryan K'Ostroph - Washington and Lee
Shelby Gatti - ECU

O'Neal School
Emily McMurray - Syracuse

North Moore
Chynna Loren Baldwin - UNC Chapel Hill

2015 - 2016 Season

Hollis Rudd - UNC Chapel Hill
Alexandra Barnes - UNC Chapel Hill
Danielle Gollehon - George Washington University

Union Pines
Autumn Field - Georgetown University
Jake H. Chavis - UNC Chapel Hill

O'Neal School
Gillian Munro - UNC Chapel Hill

North Moore
Cristina Guillen Diaz - NC State

2016 - 2017 Season

Pinecrest High School
Elizabeth Ngugen - Georgetown University
Caroline O'Connor - Furman

Union Pines High School
Colten David Jensen 
Sarah Elizabeth Nicholson - NCSU

O'Neal School
Jack Casey - Davidson College

North Moore 
Stephen Henley - UNC Chapel Hill