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2020 Savannah Branch Shakespeare Competition

This year's competition was held at the Historic Savannah Theatre downtown on Chippewa Square. It's the perfect venue for us! We hope this will be the first of many future collaborations.

We accept up to two students per school. This year we had 15 students from 8 schools. The winning student will go on to the National Competition on April 27-28 in NYC. The winning teacher received a cash prize. First- and Second-Runner-up students and teachers also received cash prizes. The winners:

1st Place - Gigi Pingree of Beaufort Academy, teacher Bill Dalton.
2nd Place - Graham Glass of Savannah Arts Academy, teacher Richie Cook.
3rd Place - Emma Dillinger of Beaufort Academy, teach Bill Dalton.

We were pleasantly surprised when a school from nearby South Carolina found us. Mr. Dalton says he had heard of the national ESU competition from school teacher friend in Hawaii!

We were happy to have schools well-known to us from past years: Country Day, Saint Andrews, Savannah Christian, and Calvary. And we were delighted to have new participants, Jenkins and Toombs County High Schools.

We missed having last year's winner, Habersham School. They are in the middle of building their new campus on Chatham Parkway and were too caught up in all those changes to participate this year. We hope they will be back next year.

Speaking of next year...preparations are already underway. The Savannah Theatre has penciled us in on their calendar for February 27, 2021. Please put it on your calendars too!


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