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April Meeting

The April Syracuse E-SU meeting featured an explanation of the 6-wicket game of croquet, a game begun in England in the 1800's. Most of us are familiar with backyard croquet, a game played with our friends and family, but this version is played on groomed courts by white-clad participants in a game under the auspices of the United States Croquet Association.

Barbara Weller, E-SU member and a member of the Westhill Croquet League, demonstrates 6-wicket croquet. 

Speaker Larry Cranfield, the Westhill Croquet Club pro at the Westhill Golf Course in Camillus, assisted by June Schneiweiss, explained the game. He showed slides of the court, spoke about the differences between backyard and 6-wicket croquet, and gave members a chance to give the game and its equipment a try within the confines of our meeting room.

Member Barbara Weller introduces croquet presenters June Schneiweiss and Larry Cranfield.

The Westhill Croquet League plays with partners in teams. The sport is gaining in popularity as people enjoy the history, strategy and social aspect of the sport.


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