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Program of May meeting:
        "DNA Today: New Developments in Forensic Science"
by  Kevin Sweder, PhD

At our May 11, 2019 meeting, our guest speaker, Kevin Sweder,  took us on a journey into the cell to expose the components of DNA that are used as markers in Forensic Science.  We learned how these markers work in crime solving.  Even the DNA of twins bear differences that lifetime experiences and exposures mark on their DNA,  With his expertise in forensics and epigenetics, Kevin explained the details with Power Point slides to show complex concepts clearly. 

Alice Borning, who arranged for Mr. Sweder to appear, introduced him.  Kevin Sweder is recently retired from the Syracuse University Faculty where he was the Director of the Center for Bioforensics, Biosecurity, and Biometrics. He now teaches an Honors Program. Prof. Sweder's expertise in epigenetics is being applied to the development of new biochemical tools to bolster forensic efforts. He received his PhD from Caltech, worked as an Asst. Prof. At Rutgers, specialized in Genetic Toxicology at Bristol Myers Squibb, and as professor at SU, advanced to the position of Director of Forensics and National Security Sciences.


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