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A Message from the Princeton Branch President

WELCOME to the Princeton Branch of the English-Speaking Union! The Branch is one of 68 local branches of the English-Speaking Union of the United States, a non-profit, non-political, educational organization formally organized in 1920. It shares a mission with over 50 nations with English-Speaking Union organizations, both in the developed and developing world and its primary goal is one of educational outreach and the usage of the English language to promote international understanding, friendship and goodwill. English is the international language of business, travel and technology and offers different races and cultures a means of shared communication.

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News And Events

The National Shakespeare Competition Starts Now!

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We are pleased to announce the kick-off of the ESU's National Shakespeare Competition! Schools in our region may enter now, giving students the opportunity to compete in The Princeton Branch Competition.  The winner of the branch competition will travel to NYC to compete in the national finals at Lincoln Center!  


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The Landscape of Scotland with Dr. Peter Smith

The English-Speaking Union 
Princeton Branch Presents:

The Landscape of Scotland
with Dr. Peter Smith

October 29th, 3:00 PM

Scotland is a small country with a dramatic variety of landscapes - from the mountains and islands of the northwest to the central lowlands. We will review the numerous interesting features here (with many examples) and the underlying forces that give us such a rich history – for example, the great faults that shape the country. Movies and reading materials will be recommended for further study by past and future visitors.

Dr Peter M. Smith is Scottish born and educated although he has lived in the USA for over 40 years, working in the Pharma industry as a project manager. He is married with two grown children and lives in Princeton. He has a strong love for his native Scottish landscape which he knows well. In this presentation, he will review the great forces which have given us these magnificent views with many examples.

TIME: 3.00 PM

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The English-Speaking Union



We are thrilled to start off our 2023-2024 lectures with presentations by Scholarship winners Christine Lotz and Tiffany Wilson.  Christine elected to study at the Globe Theatre and Tiffany chose to attend the program at Edinburgh University.  They will share with us the highlights of their studies abroad and how they plan to transition their experiences into their individual class rooms.

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre - All the World's a Stage #1 - Travellous World                               University of Edinburgh: Courses, Tuition, Rankings, Jobs, & Admission

Date: September 24, 2023

Time: 3:00 PM

Place: Princeton Senior Resource Center, 101 Poor Farm Road, Princeton

Refreshments will be provided!


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Thomas Kopache: Performing Shakespeare

The English-Speaking Union of the United States Princeton Branch Presents:

Thomas Kopache - Actor
Performing Shakespeare

Thomas Kopache is an actor born in Manchester, New Hampshire on October 17, 1945 who is best known for his role as Assistant Secretary of State Bob Slatterly on The West Wing (1999) and for appearing in many roles on all of the various "star Tre" spin-off television shows. Kopache has played seven characters on the "Star Trek" spin-offs Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987), Star-Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993), Star Trek: Voyager (1995), and Star Trek: Enterprise. He also appeared in the Star Trek mobie Star Trek: Generations (1994) and the "Star Trek"-inspired sci-fi TV series Babylon 5 (1993). In addition to being the only actor to appear in all seven "Star Trek" franchises, he also acted in Murder, She Wrote, Melrose Place, Law & Order, As the World Turns, LA Law, and many more. His Shakespeare roles include Creon in Antigone and the banished Duke in As You Like It

Date: Sunday October 23rd
When: 3:00 PM
Where: Princeton Senior Resource Center

Inclusion by Zoom Conference also available

Refreshments will be served!


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Ronald Schnur: The Historic Gentlemen's Clubs of London

The English-Speaking Union of the United States Princeton Branch Presents:

Ronald Schnur
The Historic Gentlemen's Clubs of London

Ronald Schnur will tell us about the historic gentlemen's clubs of London—the various homes away from home for the elite in British politics, science, and the arts

Date: Sunday November 13th
When: 3:00 PM
Where: Princeton Senior Resource Center

There will also be a Zoom link provided.

Refreshments to follow! Please join us!


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The English-Speaking Union

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The ESU celebrates English as a shared language to foster global understanding and good will by providing educational and cultural opportunities for students, educators, and members.

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