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Volunteers Needed for Upcoming Branch Functions...

But first, let me thank Marlene Holbrook for volunteering to serve as our branch historian. The spot has been vacant for some time. After Marlene has time to go through the boxes of files Patricia Haggerty has kindly stored, we will hear more. Just maybe with the upcoming Centennial we might pull together some of the historic events for our branch at one of our events. Many thanks to Marlene. 

RECEPTION SITE COORDINATOR:  With the heavy travel responsibilities for Peter Phillips, he is unable to continue finding places for our monthly receptions. This might be a good opportunity to pair with another member to share the responsibility. 

SUMMER PARTY CHAIRPERSON: August is an open month with a good chance of sunny weather. We usually go to someone's home for the event, bringing our own bar and arranging with a caterer, BUT, if you have another good idea for our group, talk it over with our President, Alan Waggoner. 

Whether you are currently serving on the Seattle Board, are a longtime member of our branch, or a new member wanting to become more involved, we are asking you to volunteer. Talk about the jobs with our President, Alan, or seek him out at any reception. He will welcome your interest!


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