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Brock Landry

For the English-Speaking Union's centennial anniversary, we are highlighting several of our SSE alumni. Our first highlighted SSE alum, Brock Landry, attended the program in 1965, when the SSE program was boys-only and hitchhiking around Europe was a common form of weekend travel. Thank you so much to Brock Landry for sharing his experiences and advice to future SSE scholars.

Brock Landry during the SSE program, Fettes College 1965-66

Brock Landry is an SSE alum from Virginia. He attended the SSE program at Fettes College in 1965. His experience studying abroad in the UK allowed him to step into a different lifestyle than in the schools where he'd grown up. He was in an intense academic program learning Russian, history, and economics. He also took up woodcarving, which he is still passionate about today. Landry learned Russian from a teacher who had been a British army interpreter. He majored in Russian studies when he returned from the SSE program. He remains active with his school on the board of the American Friends of Fettes College. His advice to future scholars is to "take advantage of the opportunities you have as much as possible. You know, some of the people over there were a little bit cowed by the differences and didn't take full advantage of the opportunity. So I'd say you know, jump into it and enjoy it. Learn as much as you can."

It was wonderful to speak with Brock Landry – we look forward to hearing from our alumni in the coming weeks.