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Bruce Thompson

Our second Alumni Spotlight goes out to Bruce Thompson, who was a Luard Scholar in the class of 1977-78.
Bruce currently serves as President of Hospitality Development Company, a hotel ownership, development and management group with properties in the Baltimore/Washington metro area. What he enjoys most about the work that he does is that it's challenging and new and different everyday. Especially in today's COVID-19 reality, navigating a travel-based business amidst a global pandemic has proven to be no small feat and has brought about its own unique obstacles. Nevertheless, Bruce is up for the challenge as he reminds us that adapting to, and overcoming hurdles is simply a part of life. 
Bruce says that his experience in the UK through the Luard study abroad program was a very positive one. Attending London School of Economics was Bruce's first opportunity to live overseas and see Europe. He was able to tour locations across the continent, including France, the Netherlands, Spain, Turkey and Greece. Bruce said that his experience was different from an educational standpoint – less structured and requiring more independent work – and provided the chance to get to know an interesting, diverse and international group of people. He also highlights that he was able to better understand how the world works outside of America, and gain a perspective on how the United States is viewed externally. It opened his eyes to the opportunities and exposure that world travel can provide. Bruce says that the Luard program sparked his lifelong passion for travel and shifted the path of his studies and career. His experience awakened an interest in public policy and international affairs and was pivotal to his future development.
The advice that Bruce offers for incoming students of the Luard Morse program is to take full advantage of the opportunity. He encourages students to travel broadly, meet people, and immerse themselves academically, socially and culturally.  
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