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Wednesday, March 16 at 4:00 PM (EST)
Professor Gerald J. Schiffhorst

The British Royal Collection of over a million items is the world's largest art collection owned by one person and includes furniture, tapestries, and porcelain as well as paintings.  The picture collection began in 1623 with King Charles I, the first serious royal patron of the arts, who brought Van Dyke and Rubens to England and acquired many Italian paintings.  Ever since, nearly every British monarch has acquired works of art, often as a sign of status and power. How the collection grew over the centuries, often at such great expense that it caused political conflict, is a fascinating story, told by UCF Professor Emeritus Gerald Schiffhorst.

Professor Gerald Schiffhorst

Professor Gerald Schiffhorst is University of Central Florida Professor EmeritusAmerican scholar Dr. Schiffhorst is the author of numerous books on literature and writing. He has 45 years teaching experience and currently offers Central Florida workshops on writing. He is a frequent speaker on historical and literary topics at community venues such as the English-Speaking Union and The University Club. Professor Schiffhorst has served on the Central Florida Branch Program Committee for a number of years.

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