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Study Abroad for Teachers - TLab


Study Abroad.  Return Home Inspired!

Teachers, educators, lifelong learners:  Study in the UK and have an unforgettable educational experience!

Our English in Action-TLab programs will transport you to the famed campuses of England and Scotland where you will attend real classes with top professors at the University of Oxford, the University of Edinburgh, Shakespeare's Globe Theater, and the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.

Our one-week and three-week courses will immerse you in English-language studies in the place where they were born.  As you study, you will explore the history and soak up the culture for a truly complete learning experience.

This is an educational opportunity like no other.  Our exclusive partnerships with these institutions give you the chance to study in true university courses with top professors from these hallowed institutions of higher learning.

If you are a teacher of English language, literature, drama, or history, these courses will elevate you as an educator.  Professional development credit is available for all courses, and scholarships are available for many courses.

If you are a curious lifelong learner or world explorer, you will find inspiration and new perspectives as you study with esteemed professors at the UK's most prestigious campuses, alongside students from around the world.

From your days in fascinating classes to your free time strolling the picturesque streets and attending amazing cultural events, what you'll take away is priceless.  And with the dollar so strong against the British Pound, these programs are also a fantastic deal.

Here is a lineup of our courses for 2017.  Click on each link for detailed information and application instructions:

Shakespeare's Birthplace Trust—Stratford-upon-Avon 
From Page to Stage: Text to Theater (New) (December 12-17, 2017)
From Page to Stage:  Text to Theater (July 8-14, 2018)

Shakespeare's Globe—London (July 2-20, 2018)
Teaching Shakespeare Through Performance*

University of Oxford (July and August 2018, dates vary)

English Literature* (July 1-21, 2018) 
History, Politics and Society* (July 1-21, 2018)
Creative Writing* (July 22 - August 11, 2018)
International Politics* (July 29 - August 11, 2018)
The Story and Future of English (July 15-21, 2018)

University of Edinburgh (July and August 2018, dates vary)
Text and Context: Modernism, Scottish Literature, and Contemporary Literature*
Creative Writing* 
Theatre and Performance*

If you would like to receive registration materials as they are developed, please email your contact information to

Become an English in Action Teacher-Scholar

Each program, whether one week or three, honors your work and willingness to expand your horizons in an international setting. Both English in Action and the British institution will confer a Certificate of Continuing Education upon completion of the course.

Learn how you can study with us in the UK below!