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English in Action Conversations help English language learners gain fluency and confidence in conversational English by pairing them with tutors for weekly conversation sessions. In addition to practicing the language without the fear of making mistakes, students learn about life in this country and teach their tutors about themselves and their languages and customs.

Every year, more than 500 students from over 50 countries are paired with tutors in  New York City.

Interested in setting up an English in Action Conversation unit?

We are eager to bring English in Action Conversations to more communities across the five boroughs. Is there space available in your community center, workplace or place of worship? A room and chairs are all that's needed! Please contact Karen Ruelle at kruelle@esuus.org for more information.

Not in New York City?

There are several English in Action Conversations units throughout the United States. Check to see if English in Action Conversations are in your area.