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British Universities Summer School Fellowships 2015

Medha Kirtane (ESU Princeton) and Courtney Powers (ESU Greenwich)

This summer, the University of Oxford has welcomed 19 American teachers as English-Speaking Union British University Summer Schools (BUSS) scholars to its International Summer School program.  For three weeks, these American middle and high school teachers study English Literature, History, Politics and Society, or Creative Writing at Exeter College. Founded in 1314, Exeter is one of the oldest and most esteemed colleges at Oxford.

Medha Kirtane, a teacher sponsored by the ESU Princeton Branch currently studying Religion and Politics of the Middle East and the Politics and Economics of Globalization reports "The breadth of the academic focus, the curiosity and passion of my fellow peers, the rich learning environment and the access to great books and resources have really excited and humbled me. I have already experienced the freedom of fresh thoughts and provocative ideas that will stimulate my teaching."

Patrick Griffo (ESU Kentucky)

Julia Arce, ESU San Francisco BUSS Scholar, shares "Every day at Oxford's Exeter College has made me stop and wonder "Is this really happening?" The faculty inspires us to explore the universe of ideas all around us. Oxford is truly the place for anyone who wishes to learn—and to return to the classroom with a more joyful, nuanced, collaborative, and knowledgeable spirit. Our minds have been given wings of wonder. How can we not return to encourage our students and colleagues?"

Since 1957, English-Speaking Union Branches all over the country have provided more than 2500 American middle and high school teachers with the opportunity to study abroad at prestigious centers of learning in Britain – Oxford University, Edinburgh University and Shakespeare's Globe program.  Teachers return professionally invigorated and armed with new teaching methods and a global perspective to engage and challenge their students nationwide.

If you are a teacher interested in the opportunity to live and study at the University of Oxford next summer as an ESU BUSS scholar, please check the ESU website or contact ESU International Programs Manager, Alice Uhl at  Information on summer 2016's programs will be available in November. 

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