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Shakespeare Scandals and Scoundrels - Wednesday, September 2nd at 4:00 PM (EDT)

Andrea will share her favorite Shakespeare cocktail concoction with us and then will present background information about the First Folio and why it was a fetish object for collectors.  She will delve into the Scandals surrounding the First Folio and will disclose fascinating  information about the Shakespeare Scoundrels dating back to the Gilded Age of Collectors, to forgers of folio pages, to facsimiles created in the 1790's, and finally to the stolen Durham University Copy in 1998.

There will be a Give Away of Andrea Mays's book The Millionaire and the Bard:  Henry Folger's Obsessive Hunt for Shakespeare's First Folio.

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About Andrea Mays

Andrea E. Mays has degrees in economics from the State University of New York at Binghamton and from UCLA and teaches economics at California State University at Long Beach. Like Henry Folger, she is a native New Yorker and has had a lifelong Shakespeare obsession. She spent much of her Manhattan youth in the New York Public Library listening to vinyl LP recordings of performances by the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. The Millionaire and the Bard is her first book.

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Signature Cocktail

"The Shrewdriver"

Good Kate of Christendom you hit it hard last night! Tame that raging hangover with a good old Screwdriver. 'Tis an oldie, but a goodie. Put the sting back in the wasp's tail with a dash of tabasco.

Glass: High ball
Garnish: Half a chilli pepper
Ingredients: 50 ml vodka, orange juice, Tabasco
Instructions: Build in glass with ice and sip away!

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